musings of an alterægo
my land is here
i am mathosexual (long term relationship with math leaving me unable to relate with people and asexual)
i go by the pronouns michaelmichael/michaelmichaels/michaelmichaelself
i am an QUOC@, queer ultimate of color (oriental/arab)

The future…


The future…


Hey y’all,

We worked really hard on this amazing new music video for Heavy Metal and Reflective by Azealia Banks. I’d love it if you gave it a watch. She looks fierce as fuck and the track is hot. Much love to the tA crew for the hard work on this!

i can’t resist period dramas about silly topics.

i’ve watched shows about early (spying) flight attendants, a department store, lady codebreakers solving crime, ladies packing bombs for the war effort, midwifes, and i just want more (also what even were men doing).

make more period dramas, bbc. more i say.


If you like Iggy Azalea and not Azealia Banks, you are the definition of a fake ass bitch.

so down with azealia azalea and iggy banks.


For all the free music Azealia Banks has given us (Count Contessa, The Fantasea Mixtape, Yung Rapunxel, everything from before the 1991 EP), I really hope her fans did the right thing and purchased Heavy Metal & Reflective.

I’m not a big fan of buying digital music, but Azealia really needs her…

sorry not sorry u_u

plus azealia is just 3cute, esp in the 212 video

so like i really can’t now that the album feels so close.

why is azealia banks 100000x better than angel haze???


don’t accept the narrative that people should and do act in the most logical fashion. it’s not true here, and it’s not true there.

don’t accept the narrative that dehumanizes those that act in a fashion you consider illogical. this is how human’s act.

people fail to evacuate their homes in first world countries in the face of unprecedented natural disasters due to a lack of resources, means, or inclination.
new orleans.

what makes you think the situation will be better in a place where the people have even less ability to evacuate?

what makes you think that the aggressor will even respect evacuation?



a gender that means exactly what you want it to mean. it is the ultimate gender. everyone is ultimogender.

see also: penultimogender-refers to your old gender. not a real gender. e.g. my penultimogender was cismale.